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AIIIIIIRRR (aka Air Jordan) is a female Lapras who first appeared in Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Version as one of RED's party Pokémon.

The Eevee Debate

Lapras was the subject of controversy during the "Eevee Debate". The Hive Mind realized that at some point in the playthrough, they would need a Pokémon that could learn the move "Surf" in order to progress to Cinnabar Island. The two candidates for the role of "Surf Slave" were Lapras, and Vaporeon (which required getting an Eevee and a Water Stone). The Hive Mind was divided into two separate groups, those who wanted Lapras, and those who wanted Vaporeon. The Hive Mind ended up getting an Eevee, and in a twist of irony, they purchased the Fire Stone and evolved Eevee into Flareon. A couple days later, the Hive Mind got a Lapras, nick naming it AIIIIIIIR.