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AJDNNW (Also known as AJ Downey) is the main character of Twitch Plays 

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Pokémon Crystal Version.


When the Hive Mind was in the character name selection tab, the name "AJDNNW" was chosen. AJDNNW's story began with him trying to go down the stairs to get out of his house, which took him a while due to people typing up and down without considering the command delay. After getting a Pokégear from his mother, he went to Professor Elm's and chose Totodile as his starter, without giving it a nickname.

And finally, after fainting at least 3 times, he reached Mr.Pokémon's house and got a Pokédex and an egg, which meant that he was finally finished with the first task of the game, and ready to go on a Pokémon journey.