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A (also known as A-chan) is the main character of Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald Version.


After picking      /', Camila, and T after soft resets by the streamer we finally got A. A's story began inside of a moving van and then proceeding to go up and down her house trying to set the clock. She then met her new friend/rival (which is also referred to as T or Mr. T) and his father, Professor Birch. After receiving her starter pokemon "Zexy" the Torchic and having her first battle against T, she now proceeds to Petalburg City battling trainers along the way and hopefully catch a pokemon friend for the Lonely Torchic.


  • This isn't the first time we reset and got a second character, we did this in Crystal after beating the Elite Four and again right before this with     /', Camila, and T.