Lyra HGSS (Ilustración)

aoooo (aka Aurora) is the main character of Twitch Plays Pokémon HeartGold Version.


Originally going to be named "     J ", the Hive Mind chose the name "aoooo" for the protagonist. Aoooo's story began with her struggling to leave her room, after 2 minutes, she finally walked down the stairs and talked to her mother, who told her to go to Professor Elm's lab.

In the lab, she got to choose one of the three pokémon that Professor Elm had, aoooo chose Trapinch as her starter without thinking twice.

After 2-3 hours of roaming through routes, she reached Mr.Pokémon's house and got a Pokédex and an egg, which meant that she was finally finished with the first task of the game, and ready to go on a pokémon journey.


  • Unlike most main characters, aoooo started her journey during the night, because of this and her name, it led many people to think of her as a werewolf/Mightyena/Zoroark.