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AA-J (more commonly known as john the zaptist) is a Zapdos who became one of RED's team members in Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Version.


He was dubbed john the zaptist because of his insane power when compared to Bird Jesus, who was already a messiah, and quickly became RED's strongest Pokemon. John the zaptist proved to be a critical member of the stream's party in their battles against the Indigo League Elite Four, eventually becoming the Pokémon used to finally defeat Blue on the sixteenth day of the Red season. Zapdos can not be captured in Crystal Version but was encountered in the Crystal playthrough, being used by Red. John the zaptist name ties into another character in the stream,Bird Jesus.


After defeating the Gym Leader Sabrina, the Hive Mind compromised on going to the Power Plant, and catching the legendary Pokémon Zapdos. After arriving at the Power Plant, the Hive Mind navigated the electric type infested labyrinth, before eventually reaching Zapdos. The battle was short however, for the Hive Mind almost instantly captured the Zapdos with a Master Ball. The Zapdos became a critical member of the team afterwards, defeating many powerful opponents like Blue's Blastoise.