DUX is a member of Red's team. DUX is the only Farfetch'd in the game (at least in Red and Blue versions) and he was once owned by a trainer in Vermillion City until Red traded Spearow for him. DUX is notably the first recipient of the Cut HM, which allowed Red and the team to progress from Cerulean City. On Day 6 of the stream, DUX proved very formidable in the rematch against Giovanni, in which he took down the opposing Onix using Sand-Attack strategies and dodging the Onix's Rage attacks. This victory earned DUX many new fans. Sadly, Dux was among the fallen during the battle of PC on Day 11. Dux along with many others were released trying to get Zapdos on the team.

Final Moveset

  • Cut
  • Sand Attack
  • Leer
  • Fury Attack

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