Domalakazam is Alakazam with Kabuto's face. He is thought as an evil politician for Democracy. 


Domalakazam appears to be the creation of prolific fanartist Zetsu The First, whose most notable work is the Bill-Sanctioned Shenanigans comic. His sprite was created using the Pokemon Fusion Generator. He didn't appear in any game, but he has appeared in many of Zetsu's TPP-themed comics. He is based on a popular rumor that the revival of the Dome Fossil in FireRed would generate an Alakazam thanks to the randomization.


Contrarily to what its appearance might imply, Domalakazam is not actually associated with the real Dome deity. Zetsu refers to it being somewhat like a Lovecraftian abomination. For a long time, it was believed that Domalakazam was created accidentally when Bill used his Paradigm Shift to randomize the world of Kanto and Johto in order to depower the Gods.

However, Bill's final logs tell a different story. According to Bill, clashes between gods cause rips in the fabric of reality through which alien entities can seep through. Some of these alien entities mimic the form of pre-existing gods, creating the "dark" deities such as Dark Helix. The fall of Helix at Mount Silver caused a violent energy discharge, which ripped open a portal through which "Dark Dome" infiltrated the world and wreaked havoc. Bill was a witness of this tragedy. Although he came out unharmed, his starter Pokémon - an Abra that had evolved into an Alakazam - was not so lucky, getting warped into its present form by Dark Dome.

Domalakazam primarily likes politics and murder. It is known to use its vast powers to brutally kill anybody it comes across, primarily during its political campaigns. It still retains figments of its original memories as an Alakazam - such as the knowledge of Bill - but holds no affection for its former trainer, whom it eventually came to violently kill.


Domalakazam is endowed with immense power, sufficient to incinerate hundreds of people at once and cause violent explosions.

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