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The Dome Fossil or Dome, and its representative pokemon, Kabuto, was a prominent religious icon in Early Helixism. As the stream gravitated towards Anarchy and Helix came to embody that, the opposite fossil came to represent democracy and, by proxy, all that was wrong in the world.

Dome was said to be the primary influence behind the incident that brought Flareon into the game and thus Flareon was considered to be Dome's "False Prophet".

By the second generation and the rise of Revisionist or Late Helixism, Dome was no longer a representative force, as the anti-Helix forces in generation two lore were attributed to the stream itself.

During FireRed, Lord Dome was revived from the Dome Fossil. It was not a Kabuto, however, but an Ariados. Dome (or Ariadome) is now thought not to be evil, but just a rival to Helix and Amber. Lord Dome helped Aooooo in HeartGold.

​Dome Physical Appearance

Interestingly, the Dome has never made a Physical appearance like Helix in form of Omastar and the Fossil. Probably the only time this happened was when RED had the option to choose between the Helix Fossil and the Dome Fossil. 

Instead, The Dome has representatives that are constantly appearing as the counterpart of other representatives of Helix.