The True prophet


Upon climbing the stairs of the Department Store, there was a flurry of commands being entered. By this time, the stream had reached unprecedented levels of popularity online and the ideas and factions of individual users were rampant. In a twist, the stream purchased a Fire Stone. This was frustrating, as the amount of white-outs and the associated loss of money had vastly deteriorated any cash reserves. The frustration and anger mounted when Eevee was evolved into Flareon.


The Flareon was later named The False Prophet after a destructive event occurred. While in the PC, Bird Jesus was stored in Box 1 while party members Jay Leno and Abby were released into the wild. The most influential event which lead to his naming was the deposit of Lord Helix. This lead to many believing that Flareon was actually a follower of the Dome Fossil

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