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Joey and his Top Percentage Rattata

Youngster Joey is a Pokémon Trainer located in the Route 30 and a minor character in the second generation lore of Twitch Plays Pokemon. He is well known for the calls he makes to AJ and this fact has led to the spinning of several prominent stories about him.

In the Lore

It is strongly suggested in a number of popular ideas for the lore that there is a strong and possibly a romantic relationship between AJ and Joey. It is likely that the strongest prompt for this is the sheer volume of calls between the two and is exacerbated by the undercurrents of pansexualism in the Crystal lore.

Toward the midpoint of the game, AJ's team was joined by a Raticate who was later nicknamed Ace. The parallels between the addition of this pokemon and the calls from Joey mentioning a Rattata both fueled and were fueled by the developing story of the relationship between the two. The common conception is that Ace was actually Joey's evolved Rattata and that, as a token of strengthening their relationship, Joey loaned him to AJ.

Events conspired to box Ace towards the final showdown with RED and Helix and the common interpretation is that Ace was boxed to protect him from the harsh battles of Mount Silver and the huge drain on the endurance of the team in the end.

The aftermath of the last battle propels AJ back to New Bark Town and one of the first things he is incited to do is visit Joey. This is one of the last actions that AJ takes and is seen by many to be a final resolution and a happy ending for AJ who, free of the voices at last, returns Ace and is able to be with someone special to him.

In the Game

Listed here are several of the main lines of dialogue from Joey's calls to AJ. Several of them provide obvious fodder for the lore surrounding Joey as a character in the story.

"How are your Pokémon doing? My Rattata's looking sharper than before! I doubt there's a Pokémon as cool as this
guy in your party!"
"How are your Pokémon doing? My Rattata's raring to go, just like always. It's the only one I have. I'm going to become a great trainer with it!"
"Oh yeah, I saw a wild <Pokémon>! I thought about going for it, but I decided to work with my one-and-only right to the extreme end."
"Oh yeah, I took down a <Pokémon> in the wild the other day. It was a cakewalk. Well, I guess it can't be helped, us being so tough."
"Let's get together and battle! I promise things will be different! Route 30's where I'll be. Give me a shout when you come. All right. Later!"
"What's keeping you, <player>! Let's get down and battle already! I'm waiting on Route 30!"
"All right. Later!"