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"Lord Helix", or "God" is the Helix Fossil (later became an Omanyte that evolved into Omastar) that became an object of worshipping during Red's Adventure in Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Version

He is the representation of everything good and father of Bird Jesus.

Lord Helix came back in randomized HeartGold, found near Vermillion City, however, after his loss to AJ, he indulged in fat foods, giving him the ability Thick Fat, which halves Fire and Ice moves. He got caught by Aooo soon after and dubbed "Lord Helix".


Birth of a God

After defeating a Super Nerd in Mt. Moon, RED was offered to choose between two objects: The Dome Fossil and The Helix Fossil, choosing the latter.

The Whispers

Because of the conflicting commands given by the Hive Mind, during a battle, RED would select the BAG option, and because the Helix Fossil was the item in the first slot, RED would constantly select the Fossil. Because of the constant selecting, the Hive Mind assumed that RED was worshipping the item, asking it for advice on how to win the battle or pass an obstacle. The "worshipping" caught on, and eventually everyone started revering the Fossil as a deity.

Red consulting Helix

Reviving Helix

Eventually, the Helix Fossil was resurrected at the Pokémon laboratory on Cinnabar Island, a place used for reviving fossilized Pokémon. The Helix Fossil was revived as an Omanyte (which later evolved into an Omastar), and quickly became one of the party's main Pokémon, responsible for helping RED defeat the Pokémon League.

"Lord Helix" Fame

I3un helix post 2.png

Twitch Plays Pokemon became exceedingly popular near the end of Trainer Red's journey. As noted by the internet collection of fan-made artworks, comics, memes, literature and content. As evident by this, Lord Helix became a mascot.

I3un helix post.png

One example of how loyal and passionate the fans and those involved in this 'God' in this gaming spectacle, came from an unlikely source. A user by the name of "i3un" who posted an original unicode artwork image of Omanyte, live [16d 7h 44m 8s] on the Twitch chat during Trainer Red's match with Rival Blue. Twitch Plays Pokemon discourages these actions and a moderator will issue a timeout for those users who do it-- however... it is important to realize how much this gaming experiment influenced those watching and participating.

The Helix vs The Dome

Omastar, Omanyte's final (and only) evolution.

Because of the constant setbacks, delays, and misfortunes that happened during the Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Version playthrough, the Hive Mind shifted the blame towards the Dome Fossil, the Helix Fossil's counterpart. Because of this, the Dome Fossil and the Helix Fossil are said to be ancient rivals, constantly fighting between Democracy and Anarchy, with RED caught in the middle of their struggle.

Lord Helix Day


Lord Helix Day (also known as Helix Fossil Day, National Helix Day, Holy Helix Day or simply Helix Day), is a celebration held on 1st march, the day when Lord Helix led RED and the Twitch Plays Pokémon Red Version's community to finally beat the game, defeating BLUE. A web petition was also created, in order to ask the Obama Administration to recognize the celebration[1].