Twitch Plays Pokémon Wiki

During certain tasks in Twitch Plays Pokémon that are near impossible for the The Hive Mind to do without a plan.  The idea and function of these plans, or the so called "Operations", is that they know what to do or what not to do during Democracy and Anarchy.

These "Operations" are made by fans and followed by the others to reach a common goal.

Pokémon Red

Operation: Put Jay Leno in the Daycare

Original (1).png

This was a mission to avoid going to the PC so that we couldn't release DUX, JLVWNNOOOO, and ABBBBBBK (. The plan was to put JLVWNNOOOO in the Daycare and just avoid the PC for good. Sadly the plan failed and JLVWNNOOOO/ABBBBBBK (were released a few days later with DUX being released about a week afterwards.

The Nascar Strat


The Nascar Strat was a plan to successfully move through the Rocket Hideout to acquire the Elevator Key and then battle Giovanni. This plan was semi-successful but it took the help of a new feature called Democracy to get it done.

Ledge 2: Electric Boogalooo


The Ledge was a challenge that took Twitch Plays Pokémon days to get past, sadly this was not the end as the Ledge 2: Electric Boogalooo was introduced to us, pointing out that this new ledge in front of Victory Road you have to approach from above so down is needed every time with 50,000 people controlling RED. It was also pointed out that even if we got to Victory Road it would be impossible with the thousands of trainers, high level wild Pokémon, traps, and strength puzzles that would have to be moved manually every time. Adding to the impossibility already it was also pointed out that the nearest Pokémon Center was back in Viridian so we would have to do it all over again. Thankfully the Ledge 2 was completed quickly and Victory Road only took a day at most.

Pokémon Crystal 

Operation: Please Everyone


Operation: Please Everyone was a plan to remove all of Burrito's moves so that he could learn Psychic without the risk of removing Bite, Swap A out for AAAAAAAA at the Indigo Plateau, Give AAJRR RRR the Exp. Share so that he could evolve into a Steelix, and to grind till the Elite Four was defeated. This plan was a success as Burrito forgot all of his moves but bite, AAJRR RRR evolved, and we defeated the Elite Four. The only thing not done was swap A out for AAAAAAAA.

Operation: Waifu


The objectives of Operation: Waifu were to to go battle Joey on Route 30 so that he could continue to call us through out our journey. And after that, continue the travel to Victory Road. This plan appeared because Joey and AJ are a pairing within the TPP Lore and most people enjoyed hearing Joey call us. After hours of walking, people reached joey and the mission was a succes. 

Operation: The End of the Line


 Operation: The End of the Line was a plan to beat RED within six days. The streamer earlier that day had announced on chat that if RED was not beaten within six days, there would be no Emerald. Thankfully the game was beaten the next day and the operation was a success.