File:Twitch watching Stadium 2 while waiting

Twitch watches Pokemon Stadium 2...The Pokemon Gladiator fights...

While waiting for Platinum, Pokemon Stadium 2 was played. Twitch users were not playing it, but could instead place bets. The stadium is an underground arena where Pokémon fight in gladiator-like matches. The game was liked more than regular TPP to some, so it continued through Platinum.  

The Great Sneasel Freeze

On Day 10 of Platinum, the game froze while Sun Prophet was about to battle a wild Sneasel. During this time, sound effects were switched to Stadium and we could hear the announcer. Sound switched back once the freeze was over. Sound returned to Stadium 2 after Platinum was won.


Believe it or not, Lore decided to introduce the Arena gods--Skull and Armour. Armour focused on more defensive strategies, and was named the god of strategy and fair play, where as her twin, Skull, had luck a plenty, and relied on brute force, landing him a many victories. He claimed the god of luck and gambling.


Pokémon that had been caught in previous TPP seasons were considered to be the same one, so many characters from the real game joined in the arena along with some new ones.

Characters from Previous Seasons

  • M4 the Azumarill
  • Lord Helix
  • Rick Gastly
  • ATV (All Terain Venomoth
  • Master Goldeen 
  • Aunt Bueno
  • Lord Dome (Kabuto Form)
  • Shuck Norris

New Characters

  • Brony Skiploom
  • Rainbow Dash Rapidash
  • Helix's Sandshrew
  • ATV Slaying Onix
  • Godess Horsea
  • Perfect Defence Metapod

Fighter Gallery