The Sun Prophet (or Solarion) is a Flareon in Platinum version. He was given a bad name by the False Prophet, who released Abby and Jay Leno in Red, but he's really a nice Eevee just like Espeon (Burrito) from Crystal. Many don't trust him, due to him being a Flareon and also due to our calculator saying "666" when we first got him. He's out to prove the world wrong about him and be the first fire type to survive to the Pokemon League. Sun Prophet later got Pokerus from Bronzong. Sun Prophet and Sunshine the Shinx are in love, as shown by the Poketch app. Yet, Sun Prophet and 006 had a child together, but many believes he is not the father or he made a mistake and regrets it. It was also known that Flareon defeated the last Pokemon of Cynthia, Milotic, with strength and led to the end of Pokemon Platinum. He and Moonbat were the only two who weren't knocked out during the battle with Cynthia.  Many believe that Prophet and Sunshine made up and got together at the end of Platinum.

Oh hello. This is flareon (False Prophet). Well just to let you know. Im coming back! When? Not sure but i am, Bye-Bye,