The beginning

The Curse of Fire is a curse started by The False Prophet making it that all fire types trying to make it to the Hall of Fame are released.

Pokemon Red

Red's Eevee was meant to be a Vaporeon. She refused and became a Flareon. This "betrayal" to some resulted in a curse of fire types, where each one would fall. Abby was the first to die, and then the prophet herself.

Pokemon Emerald

Zexy, a Torchic, fell due to the Curse of Fire. The voices warned A of what would happen if she chose Torchic, but she didn't listen.

Pokemon Platinum

Lazor Ape, a Chimchar, fell. Solaireon, the Sun Prophet and another Flareon, set out to break the curse started by one of his kind by reaching the fall of fame, which he did, breaking the curse.