The Streamer

The Streamer is a great Australian lama who is the god of the Twitch world. He created the Fossil Gods and after doing that, rested in peace. He soon demanded entertainment, and instructed Giratina to create the voices, another portal from the Pokemon world to real life.

Twitch Plays Pokemon

The streamer is the one who puts on the Twitch Plays Pokemon Stream. In the world of Pokemon, they are thought of as Arceus, the god of the world. Recently, some have thought of his 3DS asistar, Twitch_Plays_3Ds as Zygarde, for his order like personalty, and his powers to bring X and Y to us.

The Streamer Interferes

The Streamer doesn't always sit and watch us struggle.  They have helped in many ways, including 

  • Introducting democracy in Rocket Maze, and later bringing back anarchy.
  • Inserted timers to say how long we have to beat a game.
  • Set us back to our last save point after The World Reset.
  • Shut down the C-Gear
  • Forced Evolutions in BB2