Over the course of the next 4 hours, RED and the Hive Mind caught another wild Drowzee (later known as "The Keeper"), catching another Spearow, arrived in Vermillion City, boarded the S.S. Anne, and traded the aforementioned Spearow for a Farfetch'd (nicknamed DUX).

They also managed to defeat BLUE, and obtain HM01, which contains the move "Cut". The HM is taught to DUX, The Hive Mind and RED leave the cruiser and head towards the local Gym.

The first if many trees is positioned in front of the entrance to the Gym. DUX cuts the tree in a matter of 8 minutes, allowing RED to enter the Gym.

Tree of evil

The aforementioned tree that temporarily halted the progress of the play-through.

In a surprising amount of time, RED finishes the Gyms infamous "puzzle" within a matter of minutes.

That was quick

The trash can puzzle.

After 3 battles with the Gym's trainers, RED began his battle with Gym Leader Lt. Surge. Lt. Surge ended winning the first bout, sending RED back to the Pokémon Center. Unlike the first time, because of the slightly higher viewer count, which makes doing the simplest of tasks nearly impossible, DUX has a harder time cutting the tree. It takes a little over 2 hours to cut the tree, but after much struggling, the tree is finally chopped, RED is finally allowed to enter the Gym.

The struggle continues as RED begins his second match with Lt. Surge. ABBBBBBK ( wins the battle by using a fully charged Bide attack. RED obtains the Thunder Badge.

Second Historical Event: The Ledge

On their way to the Rock Tunnel, RED and the Hive Mind encountered their greatest challenge yet, "The Ledge".

Throughout the Pokémon franchise, a ledge was an obstacle used to prevent a player's progress, usually blocking a certain area, but sometimes, the ledges were placed in seemingly random spots, possibly to simulate a mountainous area. If the player were to move down, they would jump off the ledge. Something that would seem like an extremely minor nuisance became an almost impossible task for the Hive Mind.


The Ledge

Most of the ledge attempts resulted in RED walking along the side of the ledge, only to have one or two members of the Hive Mind typing "down", sending RED to the bottom of the ledge.

The Hive Mind ended up spending 9 straight hours attempting to pass the ledge.