Day 4 Events

After hours upon hours of constant struggling to make it past "The Ledge", the Hive Mind finally managed to pass it.

RED arrives at the Rock Tunnel without the aid of HM 05: Flash, which is used to light up dark areas. It's at this point in the playthrough where Pidgeotto became the party's "sweeper", knocking out every Pokémon it encountered. The Pidgeotto was then dubbed Bird Jesus.

After a couple hours of navigating through the Rock Tunnel, RED finally exits, reaching Lavender Town. RED heals his Pokémon and heads towards Celadon City.

RED reaches Celadon City.

One of the many trees scattered around Kanto was positioned in front of Celadon's local Gym. It took a couple hours to pass it.

RED enters the Gym, home to the Grass-Type Gym Leader Erika. With the help of Bird Jesus, RED is able to completely "sweep" the Gym. After most of the Gym's Trainers were defeated, Bird Jesus reached level 40, and thanks to sudden stream lag, was finally allowed to evolve into its final form, Pidgeot.

The only challenge the Hive Mind encountered within the Gym were several trees that blocked the path to the Gym Leader. In a short amount of time, the trees were Cut down.

RED defeats Gym Leader Erika within a matter of minutes thanks to the newly evolved Bird Jesus, earning the Rainbow Badge. The day ends with RED attempting to exit the Gym.