Days 5-7 Events

Day 5; The Third Historical Event: The Eevee Debate

The day begins with the Hive Mind bickering over whether they should get a Pokémon that could learn HM: 03 Surf, or continue the journey until they reached the point where they required Surf to bypass an ocean. The former is chosen, but that led to another conflict, "The Eevee Debate".

The Hive Mind was divided into two sides, those who wanted the Pokémon Lapras, and those who wanted an Eevee (so they can use a Water Stone to evolve it into Vaporeon).

The "Eevee" side of the Hive Mind prevailed, and RED received an Eevee.

In a twist of pure irony, RED goes to the Celadon Department Store and bought several Poké Dolls and a Fire Stone, instead of a Water Stone.

Nearly half the day is spent trying to drop Eevee or Rattata off at the Day Care in an attempt to gain an open slot for Lapras in the Party. Because of a horribly placed ledge, the Hive Mind gives up and continues their journey.

Fourth Historical Event: The Release of Abby and Jay Leno

RED returns to Celadon City and heads towards the Pokémon Center's PC in an attempt to deposit a Pokémon. The Hive Mind inadvertently deposited Abby the Charmeleon and Jay Leno the Rattata. The two Pokémon are accidentally released, and the Hive Mind erupts into a riot.

Eevee is given the Fire Stone, and it evolves into Flareon. The Hive Mind dubs Flareon the False Prophet, because of the misfortunes that occurred when it was obtained.

Day 5 ends, and Day 6 begins.

Day 6

The day begins with RED entering the Game Corner. After defeating a Team Rocket Grunt, he heads downstairs to the Rocket Hideout.

Fifth Historical Event: The Team Rocket Maze

RED enters the Rocket Hideout, after battling a couple Grunts, he is faced with a new challenge, "The Spinning Tiles/ Rocket Maze".

What was once a small challenge in a regular Pokémon playthrough became impossible for the Hive Mind. Because of the constantly conflicting commands, RED would step on a spinning tile, and one wrong move could send RED back to the beginning of the maze.

Most of the sixth day was spent trying to navigate the maze, so the host of the stream set up a new system of gameplay, Democracy Mode.

RED is defeated by a Rocket Grunt, sending him back to the Celadon Pokémon Center.

In Democracy Mode, the Hive Mind releases the False Prophet/Flareon. Many rejoice at the release of the supposed prophet of the Dome Fossil, but many of the members of the Hive Mind realize that Flareon was their second strongest Pokémon.

The rest of the day is spent navigating the Team Rocket Maze. A couple times, the Hive Mind succeeded in navigating through it, only to have Digrat (the Rattata) use Dig, sending RED back to the beginning.

Day 7

Day 7 begins with the continuation of the Rocket Maze.

After many hours, the Hive Mind succeeds in navigating the maze through the help of Democracy. RED obtains the Lift Key, and heads towards the second puzzle.

Many hours pass, and after many trial and error, RED reaches Team Rocket Leader Giovanni. RED loses to him in his first battle, but after going through the maze again, he manages to beat Giovanni. After Giovanni bids his farewell, he drops the Silph Scope, and item that's required to continue the game. Just as RED is about to collect the item, Digrat uses "Dig", sending RED back to the beginning of the Hideout, which meant that RED had to go back to Giovanni's room to pick up the Silph Scope.

A couple hours later, RED finally obtains the Silph Scope. He starts his trek to Lavender Town.

Sixth Historical Event: Lavender Tower

RED reaches Lavender Town and enters Lavender Tower, the town's main attraction.

After entering, RED encounters BLUE.  What followed was an extremely short battle, with RED curbstomping BLUE's team.

Despite the easy BLUE encounter, the real challenge was the tower's inhabitants.  

The problem with RED's team, at the time, was that none of his team members knew any moves that could effectively take out any Ghost-Type Pokemon (which inhabit the Lavender Tower).  

RED loses to a Gastly, sending him back to the Pokemon Center.

The Hive Mind come to a conclusion.  They needed to train Drowsee until it learned a Psychic-Type move, which is their only hope in effectively defeating the wild Gastlys and Haunters that call the Lavender Tower their home.

THe Hive Mind directs RED towards the Rock Tunnel so they could grind Drowzee until he learned a Psychic-Type move.  They manage to catch a couple Zubats.  

RED takes a quick break from grinding, and goes back to Saffron City.  Bird Jesus takes on the Karate Dojo and wins.

Several attempts are made to pass the Lavender Tower.  All attempts are in vain thanks to the swarm of Gastly.

The day ends with the Hive Mind finally teaching Drowzee "Psychic", one of the best Psychic Type moves in the game.