Day 8

After finally teaching Drowzee Psychic, RED blacks out, getting sent back to Saffron City.

After blacking out, RED makes his way back to Lavender Tower, only to get knocked out again, sending him back to Saffron.

This went on for several hours.

After making it back to Lavender Tower for what seemed like the millionth time, Drowzee reaches level 24.  In an ironic twist, Drowzee forgets Psychic for Headbutt, a move that is completely useless against Ghost Types, therefore scewering the Hive Mind's efforts in getting Drowzee to learn it in the first place. 

RED returns to the Pokemon Center and tries to rename a wild Gastly that he caught.  Instead he renames his  Pidgeot to "aaabaaajss".

Finally, after several attempts, RED reaches the top of Lavender Tower.  Suprisingly, RED manages to defeat Team Rocket and obtain the PokeFlute with very little trouble.  The day ends with RED digging his way out of the tower.