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      zyyxyy also known as Zexy is the starting Pokémon of A in Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald Version. He was male, had a Lonely Nature, and was released at Level 37. He was also holding a TM08: Bulk Up.


  • Quick Attack
  • Sand-Attack
  • Focus Energy
  • Mirror Move


After wandering around in Littleroot Town for an hour, A headed out to save the professor and in doing so picked Torchic as her starter. The professor later gave her Torchic and from then onward he was called "  Zyyxyy". While trying to challange Roxanne he was accidently deposited into the PC but was withdrawn an hour later.

Zexy, as a name, shined through as the personality of the Torchic by offering it as a lone-wolf, suave, pseudo-French persona. He is often depicted as having a single red rose in his mouth, and he is sometimes shown looking down, with long feathers covering one eye and long feathery arms. This rose was offered to A's Marill ("The Virgin" and later "M4" or "Moe") who frequently blocked his advances. The Virgin responded by attacking Zexy in double battles when possible.

Zexy made it all the way to Level 36 without ever evolving. Zexy was eventually stored in the PC in an effort to more efficiently train A's Nincada, "Dottie," and evolve it to a Ninjask, as well as to obtain a Shedinja. After the successful evolution of Dottie, the fans led A back to the PC to retrieve M4 and Zexy. "Zyyyxyy" was later released on Day 3 after an attempt to go to the PC, becoming the first Pokémon to be released in Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald Version.

Life After Release

There is much speculation about what happend to Zexy after his release.

  • One theory suggests that Zexy left to train and grow stronger, so that he could help A fight the voices.
  • Another theory suggests that while A was trying to retrieve him from the computer, Slash took over and murdered him.
  • Some believe he went to find the other discarded pokemon upon his release, namely Abby, the Charmeleon from the Red season.
  • Perhaps the most controversial and widely accepted theory is that Zexy was, in fact, killed in the event of his release, and his soul assumed the shell of the newly accquired Shedinja. This created the new identity Zexinja, a portmanteau of Zexy and Shedinja


  • This is the first time a Pokémon's name has started with a space.
  • Torchic was the starter that the Hive Mind wanted the least, the most wanted starter was Treecko followed by some people wanting Mudkip for meme purposes.
  • He was the first Pokémon released in Twitch Plays Pokémon Emerald Version.